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Dubplate City III

Dubplate City III (Released: 2011-11-11)

Subz - Ruddock Buy MP3 €1,25
Bassface Sascha & Franksen - Early Spring Buy MP3 €1,25
Tyler Straub - Neurosis Buy MP3 €1,25
Mindmapper & Fre4knc - Ghoti Buy MP3 €1,25
Expect - Unbreakable Buy MP3 €1,25

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Do you know the smell of acetate dubplates?

Nothing seemed as desirable as the heavy loads of metal core acetate dubplates that our idols behind the turntables used to carry into the clubs. Tracks that could not be bought in any store by any money, a glimpse into the superior realms of Drum'n'Bass, the very future of our music, now. Raw tracks, designed to shake the floors, professional DJ tools, sometimes never to be released on the regular market. There we were, ingenious disciples of bass, sweating our service in dusty warehouses, remote clubs, lights flashing through smoke and fog, another version, a beat drop and the place seemed to explode in euphoria. "Reeewind!". And we still do, the media has changed, but we still exorcise the daily grind with raw beats and bass. Take a step into dubplate city. Everybody in the place?

Part III features deeep rollers and high energetic beat powder. The trip starts in Kiel, the Low Pressure Area of Germany and home of Subz. Rrrrrruddock! Established Dubplate City dream team Sascha & Franksen provides Early Spring, a timeless spring'a'sprung roller, featured on the Hospital podcast. Tyler Straub is badly infected with Californias most pretended illness, the lemon Neurosis. Sic. A fish with a goatee? The Eindhoven-Groningen-Lab did it. Crazy world. And the Unbreakable Mr. Expect from Bristol loves Noodlestep. Bon appetit! Support by DJ Storm. Want more?

Cover artwork by NEST-NET.