Top 10

Lightwood & Telmo A

Best Of 2013

  • 01 BUNGLE - Astral Travel (Soul:r)
  • 02 THE GREEN MAN FEAT. PETER BOUNCER - Word, Sound, Power (Basswerk)
  • 03 JONNY L - Step Up (Spearhead)
  • 04 YOUNG AX - Mignight Sun (Calibre Remix)/Rave Zeit (Sugaphonic)
  • 05 PHIL TANGENT - We Don't Talk Anymore (IM LTd)
  • 06 SMOTE - Snowtime (SANTORIN)
  • 07 CALIBRE - Close To Me (Signature)
  • 08 ULTERIOR MOTIVE & JUDDA - Timekeeper (Calyx & Teebee Remix) (Subtitles)
  • 09 TECHNIMATIC - The Unspoken (Spearhead)
  • 10 DAFT PUNK - Get Lucky (TC Remix)
  • 11 STUDIO PRESSURE - Borneo (Photek Productions)
  • 12 LTJ BUKEM - Atlantis (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Rework) (Good Looking)
  • 13 BREAK - Love So True VIP (Symmetry)
  • 14 BOB MARLEY - I Shot The Sheriff (Roni Size Remix) (Tuff Gong)
  • 15 CAMO & KROOKED - Loving You Is Easy (S.P.Y Remix) (Hospital)
  • 16 CHASE & STATUS FEAT. LIAM BAILEY - Blind Faith (Ram)
  • 17 RHYTHM BEATER - Bonehead (Chronic)
  • 18 SEBA - Under The Sun (Subtitles)
  • 19 BODY & SOUL & Fourward - No One Here feat. Filo (Lynx Remix) (Mainframe)
  • 20 I SEE MONSTAS - Evolution (Polydor)


Simon V



Just like James Bond would only be half the fun without Qs gadgets, German Drum'n'Bass wouldn't be what it is now without Simon V - the ever cinematic German wunderkind. His sound is distinctive, soulful, deep, epic, diverse in style and always a step further than functional audio design pieces for the dancefloor. It's cloudspotting time.
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Young Ax



"I listen to a lot of Jazz and vintage Funk, but also Old School Hip Hop. I try to carry this vibe into Drum'n'Bass music," says Alex, better known among heads as Young Ax. "Back in the days I was fascinated by breaking down and cutting the music. Then, when I was on the road with "No Solo", there was just Hip Hop for me. When I was eleven, I was watching "Beat Street" and it stuck. This easy way of performing music, partying, dancing - similar to Drum'n'Bass today".
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Telmo A



Telmo A started DJing in '93 being inspired by the energy of Breakbeats. Since then he and Lightwood have launched a career as a DJ-team, built up the local PRESSURE event and the Ultrawide radio show. Besides he also picks hot tracks for the SANTORIN label. His production skills vary from deep emo rollers to a dubby partysound for the shake-a-leg massive. It's all about the vibe.
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DJ, A&R and head of SANTORIN. Since 1993 Telmo A and Lightwood have been continuously building up the regional Drum'n'Bass scene, now attracting a large crowd of Drum'n'Bass enthusiasts with their monthly PRESSURE event. Lightwood is a valuable promoter of the music. In one set he can easily combine the entire spectrum of Drum'n'Bass, from Amen to Z - still focussing on the needs of the crowd.

Double J



Jens started out as a drummer for a Reggae-band in High-School. When Reggae became a major influence in Jungle music, he started performing vocals with the SANTORIN posse. He was voted among the top ten of German Drum'n'Bass-MCs, becoming known as a freak out of the ordinary, deep thought lyricist. After officially ending his career as a Drum'n'Bass-MC, he's now focussing on his Reggae band.
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Sebastian Falter (and partly Björn Hülpüsch) are known for a huge scale of different styles. On the one hand evil, on the other hand divine, nuskool in the first, oldschool at least, there is nothing, refering to the Drum'n'Bass-genre, these guys wouldn't have touched yet. Their live-acting is a noncategorical experience. It's Drum'n'Bass in the end but they load it in omnicolor.
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Tyler Straub



Tyler Straub is a music producer, sound designer and DJ from California. In his creations you can find influences from 50's & 60's era recordings, early UK jungle and a handful of science fiction films and novels. His sound could be described as eclectic or offbeat — laced with contrasting themes of sincerity and humor not typically associated with the genre.
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Dan HabarNam



Dan HabarNam is a moniker of Dan Griober, Romanian electronic music artist. Dan started playing with sounds back in the 90's and thereafter dedicated his time to experimenting with audio. Later on, his production skills benefited various romanian acts and nowadays he's involved in several projects, with Dan Habarnam as his main output.
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St. Petersburg

The romantic sound of Russia. Born in the Murmansk region, Parhelia did his first steps in music creation with HipHop, TripHop and New Age. Moving to St. Petersburg in 2005, he increased his producing skills and was admitted to the SANTORIN mothership in 2009. His sound is influenced by wide variety of musicians from japanese Akira Yamaoka to the russian Zemfira.
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After spending countless hours deciphering the rhythmic mayhem of breakbeat music, Cycom released his first tracks on From then on, things quickly evolved - his first 12", a remix of Simon Vs "Broken Promise", dropped in 2000. The Hamburg guy is renown for his distinctive sound and trademarkbeats. He also runs the netlabel Plainaudio together with Iaka, Martsman, Flowpro and Buzz.
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The capital of German lebkuchen delivers SANTORINs most effective producer: Jericho comes up with a finished track every few years and strike!
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The Green Man



The Green Man aka TGM aka Heiner Kruse is a true German Drum'n'Bass innovator, founder of Basswerk Records and the Reason professor. The typical Green Man Sound is deep, optimistic and athmospheric, but also varies in hardness intensities between spacy chillers to very hard and dark ravetunes.
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